The Shouldice Technique for the Treatment of Inguinal Hernia

J Minim Access Surg. 2006 Sep;2(3):124-8. doi: 10.4103/0972-9941.27723.


The Shouldice repair has been refined over several decades and is the gold standard for the prosthesisfree treatment of inguinal hernias. A recurrence rate around 1% has been consistently demonstrated over the years. The objective of this paper is to outline and highlight the key principles, including the dedicated pre-operative preparation, the use of local anesthesia, a complete inguinal dissection and the eponymous four-layered reconstruction. A knowledge and understanding of inguinal hernia anatomy and the patho-physiology of recurrence are vital to achieving a long-term success and patient satisfaction for a pure tissue repair.

Keywords: Inguinal hernia; Shouldice repair; recurrence.