Complications in groin hernia surgery and the way out

J Minim Access Surg. 2006 Sep;2(3):174-7. doi: 10.4103/0972-9941.27734.


Complications in endoscopic inguinal hernia surgery are more dangerous and more frequent than those of open surgery, especially in inexperienced hands and hence are best avoided. It is possible to avoid most of these complications if one follows a set of well-defined steps and principles of endoscopic inguinal hernia surgery.Complications are known to occur at each and every step of hernia surgery. Applying caution while performing each step can save the patient from a lot of morbidity. One starts by applying strict patient selection criteria for endoscopic hernia repair, especially in the initial part of ones learning curve. A thorough knowledge of anatomy goes a long way in avoiding most of the complications seen in hernia repair. This anatomy needs to be relearned from what one is used to, as the approach is totally different from an open hernia repair. And finally, learning and mastering the right technique is an essential prerequisite before one ventures into inguinal hernia repair.Although there has been an increased incidence of complications reported in endoscopic repair in the earlier series, this can be explained partly by the fact that it was in the early part of the learning curve of most endoscopic surgeons. As the experience grew and the techniques were standardized, the incidences of complications have also reduced and have come to be on par with open hernia surgery. The various complications and precautions to be taken to avoid them will be discussed.

Keywords: Endoscopic; Inguinal; complications; hernia.