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, 16 (1), 251-80

Phenolic Compounds in Brassica Vegetables


Phenolic Compounds in Brassica Vegetables

María Elena Cartea et al. Molecules.


Phenolic compounds are a large group of phytochemicals widespread in the plant kingdom. Depending on their structure they can be classified into simple phenols, phenolic acids, hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and flavonoids. Phenolic compounds have received considerable attention for being potentially protective factors against cancer and heart diseases, in part because of their potent antioxidative properties and their ubiquity in a wide range of commonly consumed foods of plant origin. The Brassicaceae family includes a wide range of horticultural crops, some of them with economic significance and extensively used in the diet throughout the world. The phenolic composition of Brassica vegetables has been recently investigated and, nowadays, the profile of different Brassica species is well established. Here, we review the significance of phenolic compounds as a source of beneficial compounds for human health and the influence of environmental conditions and processing mechanisms on the phenolic composition of Brassica vegetables.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Flavonoid aglycones found in vegetable Brassica crops.
Figure 2
Figure 2
Hydroxycinnamic acids found in vegetable Brassica crops.

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