Evaluation of anti-diabetic potential of leaves and stem of Flacourtia jangomas in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Indian J Pharmacol. 2010 Oct;42(5):301-5. doi: 10.4103/0253-7613.70238.


Objectives: To study the efficacy of combination of Flacourtia jangomas leaf and stem (1:1) methanolic extract (MEFJ) in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats and to investigate the qualitative phytochemical present in the extract. The study also aims to evaluate acute and short-term general toxicity of the extract in rats.

Material and methods: MEFJ of leaves and stem was subjected to preliminary qualitative phytochemical investigations by using standard procedures. The extract (400 mg/kg p.o.) was screened for antidiabetic activity in STZ-induced diabetic rats (30 mg/kg, i.p.). Acute oral toxicity study for the test extract of the plant was carried out using OECD/OCED guideline 425.

Results: Phytochemical analysis of MEFJ of leaves and stem revealed the presence of flavonoids, saponins, carbohydrates, steroids, tannins, and phenolic compounds. In acute toxicity study, no toxic symptoms were observed for MEFJ up to dose 2000 mg/kg. Oral administration of MEFJ for 21 days exhibited highly significant (P < 0.01) hypoglycemic activity and also correction of altered biochemical parameters, namely cholesterol and triglycerides significantly (P < 0.05). Urine analysis on 1(st) day showed the presence of glucose and traces of ketone in the entire group except normal control group. However, on 21(st) day glucose and ketone traces were absent in MEFJ- and glibenclamide-treated groups while they were present in diabetic control. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance followed by Dunnett's test.

Conclusion: The observations confirm that methanolic extract of the leaf and stem of the plant has antidiabetic activity and is also involved in correction of altered biological parameters. It also warrants further investigation to isolate and identify the hypoglycemic principles in this plant so as to elucidate their mode of action.

Keywords: Antidiabetic activity; Flacourtia jangomas; hypogycemic, lipid profile; streptozotocin.