Analysis of diffracted fields with the extended theory of the boundary diffraction wave for impedance surfaces

Appl Opt. 2011 Jan 20;50(3):296-302. doi: 10.1364/AO.50.000296.


Uniform diffracted fields from impedance surfaces are investigated by the extended theory of boundary diffraction wave (ETBDW). The new vector potential of the ETBDW is constructed by considering the pseudoimpedance boundary condition. The method is applied to the diffraction problem from an impedance half-plane. It is shown that the total fields from an impedance half-plane reduce to the case of a perfectly electric or magnetic conducting and opaque half-plane for special values of surface impedance. The total and diffracted fields are compared numerically with the exact solution for the impedance half-plane and modified theory of physical optics (MTPO) solution for an impedance wedge. The numerical results show that the field expressions are in very good agreement with the exact and MTPO solutions.