A Collaborative Framework for Representation and Harmonization of Clinical Study Data Elements Using Semantic MediaWiki

Summit Transl Bioinform. 2010 Mar 1:2010:11-5.


Semantic interoperability among terminologies, data elements, and information models is fundamental and critical for sharing information from the scientific bench to the clinical bedside and back among systems. To meet this need, the vision for CDISC is to build a global, accessible electronic library, which enables precise and standardized data element definitions that can be used in applications and studies to improve biomedical research and its link with health care. As a pilot study, we propose a representation and harmonization framework for clinical study data elements and implement a prototype CDISC Shared Health and Research Electronic Library (CSHARE) using Semantic MediaWiki. We report the preliminary observations of how the components worked and the lessons learnt. In summary, the wiki provided a useful prototyping tool from a process standpoint.