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, 17 (2), 142-4

Retrospective Analysis of Duodenal Injuries: A Comprehensive Overview


Retrospective Analysis of Duodenal Injuries: A Comprehensive Overview

Sanjay Pandey et al. Saudi J Gastroenterol.


Background/aim: Duodenal injury is an uncommon finding, accounting for about about 3-5% of abdominal trauma, mainly resulting from both penetrating and blunt trauma, and is associated with significant mortality (6-25%) and morbidity (30-60%).

Patients and methods: Retrospective analysis was performed in terms of presentation, management, morbidity and mortality on 14 patients of duodenal injuries out of a total of 172 patients of abdominal trauma attending Subharti Medical College.

Results: Epigastric pain (100%) along with vomiting (100%) is the usual presentation of duodenal injuries in blunt abdominal trauma, especially to the upper abdomen. Computed tomography (CT) was diagnostic in all cases. Isolated duodenal injury is a rare finding and the second part is mostly affected.

Conclusion: Duodenal injury should always be suspected in blunt upper abdominal trauma, especially in those presenting with epigastric pain and vomiting. Investigation by CT and early surgical intervention in these patients are valuable tools to reduce the morbidity and mortality.

Conflict of interest statement

Conflict of Interest: None declared.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Pi-chart showing associated injury
Figure 2
Figure 2
Pi-chart showing different surgical procedures

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