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, 41 (4), 961-7

Cohort Profile: The Tromso Study


Cohort Profile: The Tromso Study

Bjarne K Jacobsen et al. Int J Epidemiol.


Figure 1
Figure 1
The Tromsø Study. Invitation by birth cohort and attained age in Tromsø 1–6. Invitation of total birth cohorts is marked as bold, shading indicates that samples of birth cohorts were invited. aAdjusted for deaths, emigration from Tromsø during the survey period etc. bMen only. c10% of total birth cohort and offspring of high-risk men who participated in a family intervention trial after the second survey. dRestricted to those who participated in the second visit in Tromsø 4. e 40% of the total birth cohorts. f10% of the total birth cohorts

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