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, 50 (17), 3878-81

Genetically Encoded Copper-Free Click Chemistry


Genetically Encoded Copper-Free Click Chemistry

Tilman Plass et al. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.


Scheme 1
Scheme 1
a) Structures of UAAs 1 and 2, and fluorogenic dye 3. b) Reaction scheme for copper-free click reaction with fluorogenic azides.
Figure 1
Figure 1
a) Fluorescent images of E. coli suspensions in microcentrifuge tubes expressing GFPTAG in the absence (−) and presence (+) of 1 and 2. b) Corresponding Coomassie stained SDS PAGE gel after purification of GFPTAG by a C-terminal affinity handle.
Figure 2
Figure 2
a) 2D histogram (S versus EFRET) of smFRET data of GFPTAG→1,Atto647N molecules. b) Cells incubated with 3 expressing tRNApyl/pylRSAF with mCherryTAG→1,3 (plus differential interference contrast (DIC) image) and mCherryWT, imaged for fluorescence of coumarin and mCherry. c) Emission scan for coumarin of E. coli suspensions used in (b), mCherryTAG→1,3=red, mCherryWT=black. Scale bar=5 μm.

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