Immediate effect of a slow pace breathing exercise Bhramari pranayama on blood pressure and heart rate

Nepal Med Coll J. 2010 Sep;12(3):154-7.


The study was carried out to evaluate the immediate effect Bhramari pranayama, a slow breathing exercise for 5 minutes on heart rate and blood pressure. Heart rate and blood pressure of volunteers were recorded. The subject was directed to inhale slowly up to the maximum for about 5 seconds and then to exhale slowly up to the maximum for about 15 sec keeping two thumbs on two external auditory canal, index and middle finger together on two closed eyes and ring finger on the two sides of the nose. During exhalation the subject must chant the word "O-U-Mmmma" with a humming nasal sound mimicking the sound of a humming wasp, so that the laryngeal walls and the inner walls of the nostril mildly vibrate (Bhramari pranayama, respiratory rate 3/min). After 5 minutes of this exercise, the blood pressure and heart rate were recorded again. Both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure were found to be'decreased with a slight fall in heart rate. Fall of diastolic pressure and mean pressure were significant. The result indicated that slow pace Bhramari pranayama for 5 minutes, induced parasympathetic dominance on cardiovascular system.

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