A Novel Long-term Therapy of Facial Synkinesis with Botulinum Neurotoxins Type A and Fillers

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2011 Mar;4(3):45-9.


Facial synkinesis is the involuntary movement of facial muscles accompanying a voluntary movement. It is a common sequelae to Bell's palsy. The authors present a 50-year-old patient who developed facial synkinesis after Bell's palsy. Pain, discomfort, and facial asymmetry accompanied the condition. She was treated on multiple occasions with neurotoxins and fillers over a period of six years. During this time she reported great improvement in the pain of the affected area, along with an acceptable improvement in the cosmetic appearance of her face. The hope is that in the future, fillers as well as toxins may be utilized in combination to improve and restore the quality of life in people who suffer from similar disfiguring diseases and events.

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  • Case Reports