Barriers and facilitators affecting vasectomy acceptability (a multi stages study in a sample from north eastern of Iran), 2005-2007

Asia Pac Fam Med. 2011 May 8;10(1):5. doi: 10.1186/1447-056X-10-5.


Background: In this study we aimed to find factors affecting vasectomy acceptability in Shahroud (north eastern Iran).

Methods: This study was carried out in three stages. The first stage was a survey of couples that had the vasectomy procedure during 2004-2007 in the Shahroud area. In the second stage of the study we compared characteristics of the cases (the couples who had the vasectomy procedure during the study period) and controls (including couples with at least one child that choose other contraceptive methods excluding a vasectomy) using χ² and T student tests. In the third stage of the study we aimed to assess the knowledge and attitudes of those who did not choose to have a vasectomy as there contraception method by filling out questionnaires in personal interviews.

Results: An increasing trend toward the vasectomy procedure was observed during 2005 to 2007. We found positive associations between male and female educational levels and choosing to have a vasectomy (p < 0.05). Majority of women (88.44%) thought that their husbands would prefer to have a tubectomy to a vasectomy.

Conclusion: The study results show a necessity for both couples to participate in educational programs about the vasectomy procedure.