PKSIIIexplorer: TSVM approach for predicting Type III polyketide synthase proteins

Bioinformation. 2011 Apr 22;6(3):125-7. doi: 10.6026/97320630006125.


PKSIIIexplorer, a web server based on 'transductive Support Vector Machine' allows fast and reliable prediction of Type III polyketide synthase proteins. It provides a simple unique platform to identify the probability of a particular sequence, being a type III polyketide synthases or not with moderately high accuracy. We hope that our method could serve as a useful program for the type III polyketide researchers. The tool is available at "".

Abbreviations: PKS - Polyketide synthase, CHS - Chalcone synthase, SVM - Support vector machine, MCC - Matthews Correlation Coefficient.

Keywords: Chalcone synthase; PKSIIIexplorer; TSVM; Type III polyketide synthase.