Obstructive lesions of the pediatric subglottis

Ochsner J. 2008 Fall;8(3):119-28.


Purpose: To compile information regarding obstructive subglottic lesions in children, including anatomy, pathogenesis, prevention, evaluation, and treatment options, required for implementation of a multi-faceted treatment plan.

Method: Review of the literature.

Conclusions: Although they are infrequent, obstructive subglottic lesions pose significant challenges to treating physicians, from airway management and injury prevention to decannulation and voice rehabilitation. Most patients with these lesions require multidisciplinary care and long-term treatment and can nearly always be treated successfully.

Keywords: Airway reconstruction; laryngotracheoplasty; pediatric airway; stridor; subglottic hemangioma; subglottic stenosis; subglottis.