Reconstruction of large lateral facial defects utilizing variations of the cervicopectoral rotation flap

Ochsner J. 2008 Winter;8(4):186-90.


Large lateral facial defects as a result of trauma or head and neck oncologic surgery can present a challenging reconstructive dilemma for the operating surgeon. A number of options currently exist for reconstructing such defects, including skin grafts, myocutaneous flaps, and free vascularized flaps. The decision to utilize one approach versus another depends largely on the nature of the defect, anatomical location, and the experience of the surgeon. This article describes our experience utilizing cervicopectoral rotation flaps with and without myocutaneous flaps to reconstruct large lateral facial defects after head and neck oncologic surgery.

Keywords: Cervicopectoral; facial defects; neck reconstruction; pectoralis major myocutaneous; rotational.