Ovarian cancer screening and early detection in the general population

Rev Obstet Gynecol. 2011;4(1):15-21.


Worldwide, the estimated annual incidence of ovarian cancer is 204,000, with 125,000 deaths. In developed countries, ovarian cancer remains the most lethal of all gynecologic malignancies. One of the reasons for the high fatality rate is that more than 70% of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed with advanced disease. There is a close correlation between stage at presentation and survival; therefore, early detection of ovarian cancer represents the best hope for mortality reduction and long-term disease control. There is preliminary evidence that screening can improve survival, but the impact of screening on mortality from ovarian cancer is still unclear. The proteomic approach has yielded encouraging preliminary findings, but these findings are not mature enough for clinical use. At this time, clear recommendations cannot be made on the basis of the available data.

Keywords: Mortality; Ovarian cancer; Proteomic approach; Screening.