Amygdalar connections in the lesser hedgehog tenrec

Brain Struct Funct. 2012 Jan;217(1):141-64. doi: 10.1007/s00429-011-0328-7. Epub 2011 Jun 4.


The present study analyses the overall extrinsic connectivity of the non-olfactory amygdala (Ay) in the lesser hedgehog tenrec. The data were obtained from tracer injections into the lateral and intermediate portions of the Ay as well as several non-amygdalar brain regions. Both the solitary and the parabrachial nucleus receive descending projections from the central nucleus of the Ay, but only the parabrachial nucleus appears to project to the Ay. There is one prominent region in the ventromedial hypothalamus connected reciprocally with the medial and central Ay. Amygdalar afferents clearly arise from the dorsomedial thalamus, the subparafascicular nuclei and the medial geniculate complex (GM). Similar to other subprimate species, the latter projections originate in the dorsal and most caudal geniculate portions and terminate in the dorsolateral Ay. Unusual is the presence of amygdalo-projecting cells in the marginal geniculate zone and their virtual absence in the medial GM. As in other species, amygdalo-striatal projections mainly originate in the basolateral Ay and terminate predominantly in the ventral striatum. Given the poor differentiation of the tenrec's neocortex, there is a remarkable similarity with regard to the amygdalo-cortical connectivity between tenrec and rat, particularly as to prefrontal, limbic and somatosensorimotor areas as well as the rhinal cortex throughout its length. The tenrec's isocortex dorsomedial to the caudal rhinal cortex, on the other hand, may not be connected with the Ay. An absence of such connections is expected for primary auditory and visual fields, but it is unusual for their secondary fields.

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