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, 19 (12), 11256-63

Enhancing Solar Cells With Localized Plasmons in Nanovoids


Enhancing Solar Cells With Localized Plasmons in Nanovoids

N N Lal et al. Opt Express.


Localized plasmon resonances of spherical nanovoid arrays strongly enhance solar cell performance by a factor of 3.5 in external quantum efficiency at plasmonic resonances, and a four-fold enhancement in overall power conversion efficiency. Large area substrates of silver nanovoids are electrochemically templated through self-assembled colloidal spheres and organic solar cells fabricated on top. Our design represents a new class of plasmonic photovoltaic enhancement: that of localized plasmon-enhanced absorption within nanovoid structures. Angularly-resolved spectra demonstrate strong localized Mie plasmon modes within the nanovoids. Theoretical modelling shows varied spatial dependence of light intensity within the void region suggesting a first possible route towards Third Generation plasmonic photovoltaics.

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