Long survival in a patient with brain metastases from breast cancer

Clin Med Oncol. 2008:2:103-8. doi: 10.4137/cmo.s317. Epub 2008 Feb 9.


The incidence of brain metastases (BMs) is apparently rising in patients with advanced breast cancer, possibly due to better therapeutic approaches for control of metastatic growth in other organs. Occurrence of BMs severely affects quality of life and is associated with dire prognosis. In this short report we describe the clinical case of a 47 year old woman, with BMs from breast cancer diagnosed in May 2001. The patient was treated with whole brain irradiation and radiosurgery, with initial control of BMs. Due to previous radiotherapy fields and doses, further local treatments are not feasible anymore. Since September 2006, the patient has been receiving systemic therapy with Lapatinib at the dose of 1500 mg/die continuously, with a good control of cerebral, liver and nodal metastasis after one year of treatment (September 2007). Her quality of life is acceptable, her Karnofsky Performance Status (KPS) is more than 70%, and she takes care of her family, and has not experienced neuro-cognitive dysfunction.

Keywords: advanced breast cancer; brain metastases; treatment.

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  • Case Reports