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, 27 (4), 766-72

Effects of DA-9701, a Novel Prokinetic Agent, on Gastric Accommodation in Conscious Dogs


Effects of DA-9701, a Novel Prokinetic Agent, on Gastric Accommodation in Conscious Dogs

Eun Ran Kim et al. J Gastroenterol Hepatol.


Background and aim: DA-9701, a novel prokinetic agent formulated with Pharbitis Semen and Corydalis Tuber, has strong prokinetic effects, and enhances gastric compliance in conscious dogs. In this study, the effects of DA-9701 on gastric accommodation were studied in conscious dogs.

Methods: Beagle dogs with an implanted gastric cannula in the stomach were used in this study. After an overnight fast, the dogs received DA-9701 orally, or served as a positive control that received sumatriptan or a negative control before ingestion of a meal. The basal and postprandial gastric volumes were monitored at a constant operating pressure using an electronic barostat. To investigate the long-lasting effects on increased postprandial gastric volume, the area under the volume versus time curve (AUC) was calculated.

Results: DA-9701 significantly increased the basal gastric volume compared to the negative controls (P < 0.05); the effects were comparable to sumatriptan. DA-9701 and sumatriptan significantly increased gastric accommodation compared to the negative control (P < 0.05). In the negative control, the gastric volume reached the maximal volume 40 min after the meal, and then gradually decreased. However, with DA-9701, the increased gastric volume remained significantly elevated for 60 min postprandially (P < 0.05). DA-9701 significantly increased the value of AUC compared to the negative control; this was observed during both the early and late postprandial phases (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: A novel prokinetic agent, DA-9701, improved gastric accommodation by increasing the postprandial gastric volume; these effects persisted for 60 min after a meal.

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