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. 2011 Nov 4;10(11):5118-27.
doi: 10.1021/pr200564g. Epub 2011 Oct 18.

MAP1B and Clathrin Are Novel Interacting Partners of the Giant Cyto-Linker Dystonin


MAP1B and Clathrin Are Novel Interacting Partners of the Giant Cyto-Linker Dystonin

Kunal Bhanot et al. J Proteome Res. .


Dystonin is a large multidomain cytoskeletal-associated protein that plays an essential role in the nervous system. Loss of dystonin results in neuromuscular dysfunction and early death in a mouse mutant called dystonia musculorum. Conserved among related proteins, the plakin domain is a defining feature of all major dystonin isoforms, yet its interactions have not been explored in detail. The purpose of the present study was to identify novel interacting partners of the plakin domain of the neuronal isoform of dystonin (dystonin-a). Newly identified interacting proteins discovered through a pull-down assay were validated using coimmunoprecipitation, coimmunofluorescence, and proximity ligation assays. Microtubule associated protein 1B (MAP1B), a microtubule stabilizing protein, and clathrin heavy chain, the major component of the clathrin triskelion, were identified as interaction partners for dystonin-a. Increased levels of phosphorylated MAP1B suggest a misregulation of MAP1B and a potentially novel component of the dt pathology. This work will further facilitate our understanding of how cytoskeletal proteins can affect and regulate neurodegenerative disorders.

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