6 year prospective clinical trial of primary repair versus diversion colostomy in colonic injury cases

Indian J Surg. 2010 Aug;72(4):308-11. doi: 10.1007/s12262-010-0191-4. Epub 2010 Nov 16.


Management pathway of colonic injury has been evolving over last three decades. There has been general agreement that surgical methods dealing with colonic injury did not affect the outcome but there are certain independent risk factors for complications. These risk factors are still not clear and studies are going on to specify these risk factors. The primary objective of this study was to demonstrate that primary closure of colonic injury without colostomy in selective patient is safe. This was a prospective study of 6 year duration. All the colonic injuries operated and divided into two groups: primary repair and colostomy. The criteria for exclusion of primary repair taken were; injury time >8 hour, patient need >4 unit of blood transfusion till surgery, devascularization injury of colon, any pre existing disease of bowel, any severe co morbid disease like uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, malignancy etc. Both groups are analyzed by assessing complications with special emphasis on leak rate. Patients died within 72 hours of admission were excluded from study. Total 55 colonic injury cases operated and primary repair was done in 35 cases and colostomy in 20 cases. There was 1 mortality in colostomy group and no major morbidity in both groups. The complications in primary repair group were; 1 leak (treated conservatively), 5 wound infections 1 incisional hernia and 1 intra abdominal abscess. In colostomy group 8 cases of wound infections, 2 incisional hernias and 2 intra abdominal abscesses occurred. Primary repair of colon injuries can be safely done in selected patient.

Keywords: Colonic injury; Colostomy; Primary repair.