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, 12 (11), 745-55

Exome Sequencing as a Tool for Mendelian Disease Gene Discovery


Exome Sequencing as a Tool for Mendelian Disease Gene Discovery

Michael J Bamshad et al. Nat Rev Genet.


Exome sequencing - the targeted sequencing of the subset of the human genome that is protein coding - is a powerful and cost-effective new tool for dissecting the genetic basis of diseases and traits that have proved to be intractable to conventional gene-discovery strategies. Over the past 2 years, experimental and analytical approaches relating to exome sequencing have established a rich framework for discovering the genes underlying unsolved Mendelian disorders. Additionally, exome sequencing is being adapted to explore the extent to which rare alleles explain the heritability of complex diseases and health-related traits. These advances also set the stage for applying exome and whole-genome sequencing to facilitate clinical diagnosis and personalized disease-risk profiling.

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