Effects of interesterified vegetable oils and sugarbeet fiber on the quality of frankfurters

Meat Sci. 2004 May;67(1):65-72. doi: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2003.09.006.


The effects of interesterified vegetable oils (IVOs) prepared from palm, cottonseed and olive oil, respectively, and sugarbeet fiber (SBF) on quality of frankfurters have been studied. Beef fat (10%) was replaced by one of the IVOs for 60% and 100%. Incorporation of IVOs in frankfurters improved the nutritional content of product due to altering the fatty acid composition. The oleic acid content of frankfurters increased from 28.76% to 45.57% and 47.15% as the interesterified palm oil (IPO) and interesterified olive oil (IOO) contents increased from 0% to 10% and 6%, respectively. The linoleic acid contents of 6% and 10% interesterified cottonseed oil (ICO) added frankfurters were, respectively, 10- and 19.6-fold higher than treatments without ICO. Addition of SBF (<425 μm size and 1% level) significantly increased (p<0.05) the total dietary fiber content and water-holding capacity (WHC) of frankfurters. Incorporation of IVOs and SBF did not lead to significant changes in appearance, colour, texture, flavour or sensory scores. It is concluded that IVOs and SBF may be successfully applied as beef fat substitute in frankfurters since this combination offset some of the changes brought about by beef fat replacement.