Amaranthus and buckwheat protein concentrate effects on an emulsion-type meat product

Meat Sci. 1998 Nov;50(3):343-53. doi: 10.1016/s0309-1740(98)00044-8.


The utilization of Amaranthus (five genotypes) and buckwheat protein concentrates in an emulsion-type meat product comprising beef lean, pork fat, salt and water was studied. 15% of the beef protein was replaced with the protein concentrates and the resulting meat emulsions were evaluated by thermorheology and thermal analysis. The cooking loss and physical properties of the meat gel were determined. The use of Amaranthus and buckwheat protein concentrates considerably affected both the emulsion and the cooked meat gel properties. The most favorable outcome was obtained with the buckwheat protein, which had similar effects to soy proteins. The Amaranthus protein concentrates generally did not give favorable results, although that derived from genotype K112 showed some positive effects. Correlation analysis showed that most of the observed variation in meat product properties could be explained by the emulsifying activity of the protein additive used.