Peyronie's Disease: Nonsurgical Therapy Options

Rev Urol. 2011;13(3):139-46.


Peyronie's disease (PD) is a fibrous inelastic scar of the tunica albuginea, leading to penile deformity, penile curvature, shortening, narrowing, and painful erections that subsequently lead to painful or unsatisfying sexual intercourse. No consensus exists yet on the ideal management of PD. This fact is a result of our limited knowledge of its etiology and causative factors. The acute presentation of PD is treated conservatively, and surgical approaches are only attempted if severe curvature, narrowing, or indentation persists for more than 1 year; PD stability exists for at least 3 months; curvature impedes sexual intercourse; and severe penile shortening occurs. This review focuses on new developments for conservative treatment strategies for PD.

Keywords: Extracorporeal shock wave therapy; Intralesional therapy; Iontophoresis; Nonsurgical therapy; Oral medication; Penile traction systems; Peyronie’s disease.