Perinatal outcomes and nativity: does place of birth really influence infant health?

Birth. 2011 Dec;38(4):354-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1523-536X.2011.00505.x.


In recent years nativity or nation of origin has become the focus of numerous pregnancy outcome studies. A recent research synthesis found that, although considerable heterogeneity in study designs hinders the development of broad generalizations concerning differences in pregnancy outcomes, migrant women were more likely to have better low-birthweight and preterm birth outcomes than women born in the receiving country in most of the studies that could be incorporated in the meta-analysis. Researchers considering studies of migration and pregnancy outcomes should incorporate more comprehensive measures of the migrant experience, as the dichotomous variable born or not born in the receiving country only opens the door to understanding the meaning of empirical observations concerning advantage or disadvantage in outcomes of pregnancy among migrant women.

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