Powered bone marrow biopsy procedures produce larger core specimens, with less pain, in less time than with standard manual devices

Hematol Rep. 2011 Jan 13;3(1):e8. doi: 10.4081/hr.2011.e8. Epub 2011 Jun 18.


Bone marrow sampling remains essential in the evaluation of hematopoietic and many non-hematopoietic disorders. One common limitation to these procedures is the discomfort experienced by patients. To address whether a Powered biopsy system could reduce discomfort while providing equivalent or better results, we performed a randomized trial in adult volunteers. Twenty-six subjects underwent bilateral biopsies with each device. Core samples were obtained in 66.7% of Manual insertions; 100% of Powered insertions (P=0.002). Initial mean biopsy core lengths were 11.1±4.5 mm for the Manual device; 17.0±6.8 mm for the Powered device (P<0.005). Pathology assessment for the Manual device showed a mean length of 6.1±5.6 mm, width of 1.0±0.7 mm, and volume of 11.0±10.8 mm(3). Powered device measurements were mean length of 15.3±6.1 mm, width of 2.0±0.3 mm, and volume of 49.1±21.5 mm(3) (P<0.001). The mean time to core ejection was 86 seconds for Manual device; 47 seconds for the Powered device (P<0.001). The mean second look overall pain score was 33.3 for the Manual device; 20.9 for the Powered (P=0.039). We conclude that the Powered biopsy device produces superior sized specimens, with less overall pain, in less time.

Keywords: bone marrow biopsy; core biopsy; powered biopsy.; trephine biopsy.