Relationship between Serum Concentration of Uric Acid and Insulin Secretion among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Int J Endocrinol. 2011;2011:107904. doi: 10.1155/2011/107904. Epub 2011 Dec 14.


To determine the relationship between serum concentrations of uric acid and insulin secretion with hyperglycaemic clamp technique among adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) without hyperuricemia, we carried out a cross-sectional study on 45 patients of both gender. We observed correlation between uric acid with male gender r = 0.710 (P = 0.001). Also correlation between uric acid and total insulin secretion was positive r = 0.295 (P = 0.049). As well as a positive correlation adjusted for body mass index was demonstrated for the first, second, and total phases of insulin secretion, respectively, r = 0.438 (P = 0.022), r = 0.433 (P = 0.022), and r = 0.439 (P = 0.024). Serum concentration of uric acid showed a positive relationship with the total phase of insulin secretion; even in states prior to hyperuricemia, uric acid can play an important role in the function of the beta cell in patients with DM2.