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, (148), 171-84

Family-group Names for Termites (Isoptera), Redux


Family-group Names for Termites (Isoptera), Redux

Michael S Engel. Zookeys.


Forty-eight family-group names are identified for insects among the Isoptera (termites), representing a nearly 19% increase since the last compilation less than 10 years ago. Accordingly, these names are newly catalogued, including various updates from the original summary. The name Reticulitermitidae is recognized as a nomen nudum while Caatingatermitinae is newly considered a nomen invalidum, and neither is available in zoological nomenclature. A catalogue of the suprafamilial names for Isoptera is appended. The name Xylophagodea is formally proposed for the Isoptera + Cryptocercidae clade.

Keywords: Isoptera; classification; family-group names; nomenclature; termites; type genera.

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