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, 13 (1), 71-83

Is Remusatia (Araceae) Monophyletic? Evidence From Three Plastid Regions


Is Remusatia (Araceae) Monophyletic? Evidence From Three Plastid Regions

Rong Li et al. Int J Mol Sci.


The genus Remusatia (Araceae) includes four species distributed in the tropical and subtropical Old World. The phylogeny of Remusatia was constructed using parsimony and Bayesian analyses of sequence data from three plastid regions (the rbcL gene, the trnL-trnF intergenic spacer, and the rps16 intron). Phylogenetic analyses of the concatenated plastid data suggested that the monophyly of Remusatia was not supported because R. hookeriana did not form a clade with the other three species R. vivipara, R. yunnanensis, and R. pumila. Nevertheless, the topology of the analysis constraining Remusatia to monophyly was congruent with the topology of the unconstrained analysis. The results confirmed the inclusion of the previously separate genus Gonatanthus within Remusatia and disagreed with the current infrageneric classification of the genus.

Keywords: Araceae; Remusatia; phylogeny; taxonomy.


Figure 1
Figure 1
The parsimony strict consensus tree of Remusatia based on concatenated plastid data, with gaps treated as missing data (tree length = 412 steps, CI = 0.83, RI = 0.84, and RC = 0.70). Parsimony bootstrap values (PB) for maximum parsimony analysis in 500 replicates > 50% are shown above the branches and Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP) ≥ 0.95 are indicated below the branches. Double dash shows that the PP value was lower than 0.95.

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