A portable luminometer with a disposable electrochemiluminescent biosensor for lactate determination

Sensors (Basel). 2009;9(10):7694-710. doi: 10.3390/s91007694. Epub 2009 Sep 28.


A hand-held luminometer for measuring electrochemiluminescence (ECL) for lactate determination and based on one-shot biosensors fabricated using screen-printed electrodes is described. The lactate recognition system is based on lactate oxidase and the transduction system consists of electro-oxidation of luminol, with all the reagents immobilized in a Methocel membrane. The membrane composition and reaction conditions have been optimized to obtain adequate sensitivity. The luminometer is based on a large silicon photodiode as detector and includes a programmable potentiostat to initialize the chemical reaction and signal processing circuitry, designed to acquire a low level photocurrent with offset cancelation, low pass filtering for noise attenuation and adjustable gain up to 10(12) V/A. The one-shot biosensor responds to lactate rapidly, with an acquisition time of 2.5 min, obtaining a linear dependence from 8 × 10(-6) to 2 × 10(-4) M, a detection limit of 2.4 × 10(-6) M and a sensor-to-sensor reproducibility (relative standard deviation, RSD) of around 7-10 % at the medium level of the range.

Keywords: disposable biosensor; electrochemiluminescence measurement; lactate determination; microcontroller; portable instrument.