A novel surgical approach to cardiac autotransplantation in complex cardiac sarcoma resection

Innovations (Phila). 2010 Sep;5(5):364-8. doi: 10.1097/IMI.0b013e3181f5e77c.


A 28-year-old woman was admitted to our institution, reporting progressive dyspnea, cough, and weight loss of 14 kg. Two-dimensional echocardiography revealed a left atrial mass, and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging showed localized involvement of the mass with adjacent structures. These clinical signs and radiographic images were highly suggestive of cardiac sarcoma. The patient underwent emergent mediastinal exploration, and an incisional biopsy of the mass showed high-grade sarcoma. Removing the tumor required radical en bloc resection of the left atrium, including the mitral valve, the left pulmonary vein, and the left lower lobe of the lung. Autotransplantation was necessary for the resection and reconstruction. We report a unique method of handling the right atrium to avoid the potential complications associated with bicaval anastomoses after autotransplantation.