The role of tiotropium in the management of asthma

Asia Pac Allergy. 2012 Apr;2(2):109-14. doi: 10.5415/apallergy.2012.2.2.109. Epub 2012 Apr 30.


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by reversible airway obstruction that is secondary to an allergic inflammation and excessive smooth muscle contraction. Cholinergic signals were known to contribute significantly to the pathophysiology of asthma. However, the use of anti-cholinergic agents in asthma has been justified only in acute asthma exacerbations, until tiotropium bromide, a long-acting anti-cholinergic agent was introduced. Recent reports showing a promising role of tiotropium in the treatment of asthma have aroused interest of the use of anti-cholinergic agent for the management of asthma. This report describes pharmacological characteristics, potential effects on inflammatory cells, and the current status of tiotropium in the treatment of asthma.

Keywords: Anticholinergics; Asthma; Bronchodilators; Tiotropium.