Approach to the pediatric prescription in a community pharmacy

J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther. 2011 Oct;16(4):298-307. doi: 10.5863/1551-6776-16.4.298.


Pediatric patients are more susceptible to medication errors for a variety of reasons including physical and social differences and the necessity for patient-specific dosing. As such, community pharmacists may feel uncomfortable in verifying or dispensing a prescription for a pediatric patient. However, the use of a systematic approach to the pediatric prescription can provide confidence to pharmacists and minimize the possibility of a medication error. The objective of this article is to provide the community pharmacist with an overview of the potential areas of medication errors in a prescription for a pediatric patient. Additionally, the article guides the community pharmacist through a pediatric prescription, highlighting common areas of medication errors.

Keywords: drug compounding; medication errors; pediatrics; pharmacies; prescription.