To Study the Effect of Vitamin D and E on Sodium-Fluoride-induced Toxicity in Reproductive Functions of Male Rabbits

Toxicol Int. 2012 May;19(2):182-7. doi: 10.4103/0971-6580.97220.


Objectives: Fluorosis is an endemic problem in many countries of world. This study was designed to see the effect of fluoride on the reproductive system and to see the role if any of vitamin D or E supplementation on it.

Materials and methods: Sixty rabbits were divided into six equal groups. Group I was fed on standard diet, Group II vehicle treated control, Group III on sodium fluoride (NaF) 20 mg/kg body weight, Group IV on NaF + Vitamin D, Group V on NaF + vitamin E, and Group VI on NaF + vitamin D + vitamin E.

Results: In Group III (fed on sodium fluoride) significant decrease in sperm count (P<0.001), motility (P<0.001), progressive motility (P<0.01), and epididymal weight (P<0.05) compared to control was seen that was also evident on testicular histology. With vitamin D supplementation, there was a significant improvement in the sperm count (P<0.001), motility (P<0.01), and progressive motility (P<0.05) but remained significantly lower than the control values. With vitamin E supplementation there was significant improvement in the sperm count near normal. With vitamin D and E combined supplementation there was significant improvement in both sperm count and motility near to normal.

Conclusions: We conclude that combined vitamin D and E treatment showed a significant improvement in reproductive functions affected by fluoride.

Keywords: Fluoride; histology; rabbits; sperm; vitamin D; vitamin E.