Parenting Young Children (PARYC): Validation of a Self-Report Parenting Measure

J Child Fam Stud. 2012 Jun;21(3):498-511. doi: 10.1007/s10826-011-9503-y.


The measurement of parenting behaviors is important to the field of psychology and the goal of remediating problematic parenting as a means of reducing child problem behaviors. The Parenting Young Children (PARYC) is a self-report measure designed to address parenting behaviors relevant for the caregivers of young children, and was assessed in sample of 579 high risk families. The measure assesses the frequency of several parenting behaviors, the perception of the parenting behaviors as problematic, and the degree to which the caregiver would like to make changes in specific parenting skills. An examination of the validity of the parenting behavior items revealed three parenting scales: (1) Supporting Positive Behavior (2) Setting Limits, and (3) Proactive Parenting. Confirmatory factor analysis results corroborate the findings of the exploratory factor analysis, supporting the measurement structure of these parenting scales. Tests of convergent validity indicate the PARYC scale is a suitable measure of parenting behaviors. In addition, the self-perception of parenting behaviors as problematic predicted concurrent levels of service utilization while controlling for simultaneous child behavior problems.