Metabolic alkalosis in adults with stable cystic fibrosis

Open Respir Med J. 2012:6:59-62. doi: 10.2174/1874306401206010059. Epub 2012 Jul 25.


Background: The frequency of metabolic alkalosis among adults with stable severe CF-lung disease is unknown.

Methods: Retrospective chart review.

Results: Fourteen CF and 6 COPD (controls) patients were included. FEV1 was similar between the two groups. PaO2 was significantly higher in the COPD (mean ± 2 SD is 72.0 ± 6.8 mmHg,) than in the CF group (56.1 ± 4.1 mmHg). The frequency of metabolic alkalosis in CF patients (12/14, 86%) was significantly greater (p=0.04) than in the COPD group (2/6, 33%). Mixed respiratory acidosis and metabolic alkalosis was evident in 4 CF and 1 COPD patients. Primary metabolic alkalosis was observed in 8 CF and none of the COPD patients. One COPD patient had respiratory and metabolic alkalosis.

Conclusions: Metabolic alkalosis is more frequent in stable patients with CF lung disease than in COPD patients. This might be due to defective CFTR function with abnormal electrolyte transport within the kidney and/ or gastrointestinal tract.

Keywords: Cystic fibrosis; metabolic alkalosis..