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. Summer 2012;6(3):85-8.
doi: 10.5681/joddd.2012.018. Epub 2012 Sep 1.

Root and Canal Morphology of Mandibular Third Molars in an Iranian Population

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Root and Canal Morphology of Mandibular Third Molars in an Iranian Population

Maryam Kuzekanani et al. J Dent Res Dent Clin Dent Prospects. .
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Background and aims: A through knowledge of the root canal morphology is required for successful endodontic ther-apy. The aim of this study was to investigate the root and canal morphology of mandibular third molars in Kerman, a prov-ince in southeast of Iran.

Materials and methods: One-hundred-fifty extracted mandibular third molars were collected randomly from different dental clinics in Kerman. The root canal anatomy and morphology of each tooth was carefully studied using a clearing tech-nique. Root number and morphology, number of canals per root, root canal configuration according to Vertucci classifica-tion, and incidence of dilacerated roots and C-shaped canals in mandibular third molars were evaluated under stereomicro-scope with ×2 to ×3 magnifications.

Results: From the total of 150 mandibular third molars studied, 21% had one root. The majority of teeth (73%) had two roots. 5.5% of the teeth had three roots. The incidence of C-shaped canal was 3.5% in this study and 8% of the teeth had at least one dilacerated root.

Conclusion: Although root canal anatomy and morphology of mandibular third molars is very variable having two roots seems to be the normal anatomy for these teeth.

Keywords: Anatomy; mandibular third molar; morphology; root canal.


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Figure 1
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Figure 2

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