Ectopic expression of a maize calreticulin mitigates calcium deficiency-like disorders in sCAX1-expressing tobacco and tomato

Plant Mol Biol. 2012 Dec;80(6):609-19. doi: 10.1007/s11103-012-9970-6. Epub 2012 Sep 25.


Deregulated expression of an Arabidopsis H⁺/Ca²⁺ antiporter (sCAX1) in agricultural crops increases total calcium (Ca²⁺) but may result in yield losses due to Ca²⁺ deficiency-like symptoms. Here we demonstrate that co-expression of a maize calreticulin (CRT, a Ca²⁺ binding protein located at endoplasmic reticulum) in sCAX1-expressing tobacco and tomato plants mitigated these adverse effects while maintaining enhanced Ca²⁺ content. Co-expression of CRT and sCAX1 could alleviate the hypersensitivity to ion imbalance in tobacco plants. Furthermore, blossom-end rot (BER) in tomato may be linked to changes in CAX activity and enhanced CRT expression mitigated BER in sCAX1 expressing lines. These findings suggest that co-expressing Ca²⁺ transporters and binding proteins at different intracellular compartments can alter the content and distribution of Ca²⁺ within the plant matrix.

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