Electronic transitions of platinum monoboride

J Chem Phys. 2012 Sep 28;137(12):124302. doi: 10.1063/1.4754157.


The electronic transition spectrum of platinum monoboride (PtB) radical has been observed for the first time. Using laser vaporization∕reaction free jet expansion and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, the optical spectrum of PtB in the visible region between 455 and 520 nm has been studied. Gas-phase PtB molecule was produced by the reaction of diborane (B(2)H(6)) seeded in argon and laser ablated platinum atom. Seven vibrational bands of the Pt(11)B radical have been recorded and analyzed. The observation of Pt isotopic molecules and the Pt(10)B isotope confirmed the carrier of the bands. Two different transition systems, namely: the [20.2]3/2-X(2)Σ(+) and the [21.2]1/2-X(2)Σ(+) systems were identified. PtB was determined to have an X(2)Σ(+) ground state and the bond length, r(e), was determined to be 1.741 Å.