Differential diagnosis of stafne idiopathic bone cyst with Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)

J Maxillofac Oral Surg. 2010 Mar;9(1):80-1. doi: 10.1007/s12663-010-0023-x. Epub 2010 Jun 4.


Objectives: The distinction between a pseudocyst and an intervention demanding cyst or process cannot always be found by 2D radiology. The differential diagnosis of a pseudocyst may become more difficult when adjacent processes are present.

Case: A symptom free 67-years-old man presented with a periapical radiolucency around the mandibular left second molar as well as at the impacted 3rd molar. A comparison with an older panoramic x-ray showed no expansion during a 27 months period. The new panoramic x-ray and addtional Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) showed asymptomatic separate dental cyst at the impacted wisdom tooth and the missing lingual cortical border in the apical region of the 2nd lower molar. This finding along with clinical vitality of the 1st and 2nd left molars led to the conclusion that the presented pathology was a Stafne Idiopathic Bone Cyst (SIBC) which needed no surgical intervention.

Discussion: The additional use of DVT 3D examination may help in diagnosis of SIBC prior to surgical interventions thus avoiding unwanted surgical intervention.

Keywords: Cone beam CT; DVT; Stafne Idiopathic Bone Cyst (SIBC); X-ray.