Whisker array functional representation in rat barrel cortex: transcendence of one-to-one topography and its underlying mechanism

Front Neural Circuits. 2012 Nov 27:6:93. doi: 10.3389/fncir.2012.00093. eCollection 2012.


The one-to-one relationship between whiskers, barrels, and barrel columns described for rat barrel cortex demonstrates that the organization of cortical function adheres to topographical and columnar principles. Supporting evidence is typically based on a single or few whiskers being stimulated, although behaving rats rely on the use of all their whiskers. Less is known about the cortical response when many whiskers are stimulated. Here, we use intrinsic signal optical imaging and supra- and sub-threshold electrophysiology recordings to map and characterize the cortical response to an array of all large whiskers. The cortical response was found to possess a single peak located centrally within a large activation spread, thereby no longer conveying information about the individual identities of the stimulated whiskers (e.g., many local peaks). Using modeling and pharmacological manipulations, we determined that this single central peak, plus other salient properties, can be predicted by and depends on large cortical activation spreads evoked by individual whisker stimulation. Compared to single whisker stimulation, the peak magnitude was comparable in strength and the response area was 2.6-fold larger, with both exhibiting a reduction in variability that was particularly pronounced (3.8x) for the peak magnitude. Findings extended to a different collection (subset) of whiskers. Our results indicate the rat barrel cortex response to multi-site stimulation transcends one-to-one topography to culminate in a large activation spread with a single central peak, and offer a potential neurobiological mechanism for the psychophysical phenomenon of multi-site stimulation being perceived as though a single, central site has been stimulated.

Keywords: column; intrinsic signal optical imaging; lidocaine; local field potential; multi-unit; topography; vibrissa; whisker.