Experimental demonstration of a cost-effective bit rate variable IM/DD optical OFDM with reduced guard band

Opt Express. 2012 Dec 10;20(26):B159-64. doi: 10.1364/OE.20.00B159.


We experimentally demonstrate an intensity modulated and direct detection optical OFDM with variable bit rate from 5 Gb/s to 9 Gb/s using BPSK format. A fast processing based on the Hartley transform is performed with low complexity DSP, achieving the same performance as 4QAM FFT-based processing. Using the same bandwidth occupancy as required for 5 Gb/s, the bit rate can be increased up to 80% and transmitted over 25 km SSMF, by reducing the guard band and adopting an optimized transceiver design with additional overhead, including half-length training symbols and cyclic extension.

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