Monitoring and evaluation of the activities of trainees in the 'training of trainers' workshop at Ibadan, south-west Nigeria

Ment Health Fam Med. 2012 Jan;9(1):25-32.


Background Like most low- and middle-income countries, Nigeria has a huge treatment gap for mental disorders. The World Health Organization has proposed the integration of mental health care into primary health service delivery as one of the ways to bridge this treatment gap. Studies have shown an immediate positive impact of mental health training for primary care workers. We evaluated the impact of training on the tutors of primary care workers approximately 12 months after the training.Method An intensive five-day training workshop for college teachers of mental health in community health officer (CHO) training institutions in south-west Nigeria was conducted in January 2009. Four of the 24 participants were randomly selected for evaluation of the impact of training on their activities approximately 12 months after the workshop. Qualitative methods were used, namely in-depth interviews, direct observation of classroom teaching by the participants and focus group discussion with their students.Results The participants interviewed reported a positive impact of the 'training of trainers' (TOT) workshop on their mental health course teaching. Direct observation of four participants revealed that three of them exhibited a high fidelity with the TOT course material and imbibed the teaching techniques advocated. The tutors' students also reported an improvement in the quality of their mental health classes.Conclusion The training had an overall positive impact on the activities of the trainees approximately one year after the workshop.

Keywords: community health workers; mental heath training; positive impact.