Development of a physical performance assessment checklist for athletes who sustained a lower extremity injury in preparation for return to sport: a delphi study

Int J Sports Phys Ther. 2013 Feb;8(1):44-53.


Purpose/background: To develop a consensus on the critical constructs necessary to be included in a physical performance assessment checklist (PPAC) to assess an athlete's ability for return to sport following a lower extremity injury.

Methods: The study used a 3-round Delphi method to finalize the PPAI originally developed by a panel of experts. Fourteen Delphi representative sample participants were randomly derived from the authors of peer-reviewed publications of lower extremity injuries. Nine participants completed all 3 rounds.

Results: Throughout the 3 rounds, the 10 initial constructs were modified and revised to produce the finalized PPAC consisting of 12 constructs necessary to consider for an athlete's return to sport after a lower extremity injury.

Conclusions: This instrument can be used as a checklist to advocate for prospective batteries of physical performance tests to incorporate the elements identified by this study.

Level of evidence: 5.

Keywords: lower extremity injury; physical performance test; return to sport.