Acute renal failure associated with acute non-fulminant hepatitis B

World J Hepatol. 2013 Feb 27;5(2):82-5. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v5.i2.82.


A 38-year-old female presenting with a high fever of 39 °C developed severe liver dysfunction and acute renal failure (ARF). In tests for a hepatitis associated virus, an Immunoglobulin M-anti-hepatitis B virus core antibody was the only positive finding. Moreover, the progression of ARF coincided with the pole period of liver damage and all the other assumed causes for the ARF were unlikely. Therefore, this case was diagnosed as ARF caused by acute hepatitis B. ARF associated with non-fulminant hepatitis has been infrequently reported, usually in association with acute hepatitis A. This case is considered to be an extremely rare and interesting case.

Keywords: Acute hepatitis B; Acute renal failure; Acute tubular necrosis; Hyperimmune response; Non-fulminant hepatitis.