Validity of the SC-StepMX pedometer during treadmill walking and running

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2013 May;38(5):520-4. doi: 10.1139/apnm-2012-0321. Epub 2012 Nov 26.


The purpose of this study was to examine the validity of the SC-StepMX pedometer for measuring step counts. A convenience sample of 40 participants wore 4 SC-StepMX pedometers, 2 Yamax DigiWalker pedometers, and 2 Actical accelerometers around their waist on a treadmill at 4 speeds based on each participant's self-paced walking speed (50%, 100%, 180%, and 250%; range: 1.4-14.1 km·h(-1)). The SC-StepMX demonstrated lower mean absolute percent error (-0.2%) compared with the Yamax DigiWalker (-20.5%) and the Actical (-26.1%). Mean measurement bias was lower for the SC-StepMX (0.1 ± 9.1; 95% confidence interval = -17.8 to 18.0 steps·min(-1)) when compared with both the Yamax DigiWalker (-15.9 ± 23.3; 95% confidence interval = -61.6 to 29.7 steps·min(-1)) and the Actical (-22.0 ± 36.3; 95% CI = -93.1 to 49.1 steps·min(-1)). This study demonstrates that the SC-StepMX pedometer is a valid tool for the measurement of step counts. The SC-StepMX accurately measures step counts at slower walking speeds when compared with 2 other commercially available activity monitors. This makes the SC-StepMX useful in measuring step counts in populations that are active at lower intensities (e.g., sedentary individuals, the elderly).

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