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, 6 (1), 16

Non-traumatic Splenic Rupture in a Patient on Oral Anticoagulation


Non-traumatic Splenic Rupture in a Patient on Oral Anticoagulation

Marije M de Kubber et al. Int J Emerg Med.


Background: Splenic injury is normally associated with trauma, but spontaneous splenic rupture has been described in various systemic diseases.

Case presentation: A 56-year-old male on oral anticoagulation presented to the emergency department with epigastric pain, nausea, and left upper quadrant tenderness. There was no history of trauma. Contrast-enhanced CT imaging revealed a large subcapsular haematoma of the spleen. Oral anticoagulation was antagonised with vitamin K and the patient was discharged in good condition after 3 days of clinical observation.

Conclusion: Non-traumatic splenic rupture is a rare complication of oral anticoagulation.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography image with 5-mm slides in transverse (A) and coronal (B) orientation. Spleen (S) with large subcapsular hematoma (H) with an estimated volume of 0.75 l.

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