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, 39 (5), 405-17

Honor Killing Attitudes Amongst Adolescents in Amman, Jordan


Honor Killing Attitudes Amongst Adolescents in Amman, Jordan

Manuel Eisner et al. Aggress Behav.


The present study examines attitudes towards honor crimes amongst a sample of 856 ninth grade students (mean age = 14.6, SD = 0.56) from 14 schools in Amman, Jordan. Descriptive findings suggest that about 40% of boys and 20% of girls believe that killing a daughter, sister, or wife who has dishonored the family can be justified. A number of theoretically meaningful predictors were examined: Findings suggest that attitudes in support of honor killings are more likely amongst adolescents who have collectivist and patriarchal world views, believe in the importance of female chastity amongst adolescents, and morally neutralize aggressive behavior in general. Findings for parental harsh discipline are mixed: While the father's harsh discipline is predictive of honor killing attitudes, the mother's behavior is not. Furthermore, support for honor killing is stronger amongst male adolescents and adolescents for low education backgrounds. After controlling for other factors religion and the intensity of religious beliefs are not associated with support for honor killings. Models were tested separately for male and female respondents and suggested no systematic differences in predictors. Limitations and implications are discussed.

Keywords: Arab; Jordan; Middle East; crimes; education; honor; honor crime; honor killing; killings; moral disengagement; patriarchy; shame; traditionalism; violence against women; wife beating; women.

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